Prayer for My Hope and Trust in You

Dear Lord,

I come to you in hope that I will never have to look back over my back for the terrible problem that I found myself in November and early December.

I pray that is behind me now. I pray as I was told that I would have heard something by now if there was a mistake. I pray I was given the right advice to take. I pray I never ever hear from that problem and learn from it. I will never trust anyone again regarding that. I have encounter five more who tried to dupe me and I was quick to figure them out. I wished I had been smart enough to see that with this one. I pray to move on with my life, Lord.

I will learn to forgive, to put more trust in your, Lord, and to come to you for advice more and to listen to you when you give me that warning inside. You are with me and I know that now. I honor and worship you for the rest of my life, Lord.

I will give to you all I can and follow you. I praise you and thank you for protecting me. I lost some, but, not all and could have lost a lot more.

But, you prevented that from happening to me. Thank you, Lord, thank you! I will become a much better Christain for you, Lord. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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