Prayer for my home will be sold…..

by Donna (Margate, NJ, USA)

Dear Saint Joseph, Blessed Mother and Jesus,

I’ve been praying to you since December, when my home was first put up for sale, and when I buried the St. Joseph statue. I’ve been reciting the prayer as well as saying a host of other prayers with the hope that I will find a potential buyer and receive a fair offer for my home.

My dear mother passed away on 2/14 and it is so important that my home be sold so that my sister and I can move into a condo, get settled, and leave behind the many beautiful memories of our home that we love dearly. It is so painful to be in our home….many wonderful memories of our parents that we will always treaure in our hearts.

Please, I implore you with my whole heart and soul, to hear my prayers and help us to find a buyer soonest. Thank you and God Bless you always.