Prayer for my home and family

by Sierra (Nebraska)

I feel as if I’m at a loss for hope during the storms going across Nebraska. Our roof and deck on top of my parents bedroom was ripped off around 3:30 PM June 3rd and its still raining (11:36 PM). Because of this the rain, it is still pouring in my parents bedroom, going through the floor, and into the storage room/spare bedroom in the basement.

Even if we do repair anything as soon as we can, the water poured down the walls and into the floor. All of our belongings are ruined such as boxes of all our pictures we have owned, clothes are covered in black and dirty rain, electronics, everything. My mom is beyond emotional and can barely make out sentences. The rain and hail won’t stop… We don’t have the money to fix any more damage. She just keeps repeating that she has lost everything.

It breaks my heart. I don’t know what else I can do besides keep praying. Please provide shelter for us and calm my mother, God.

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