Prayer for My Heart not to Fear

by Lorraine (Long Island NY USA)

Dear Lord,

I pray to you with all my heart to let the wounds heal in my psyche. Give me the strength to remember that my husband has a beautiful heart and I want to love him more. Help me to love myself and take care of myself so I can grow stronger everyday.
I pray for our relationship to grow.
I pray to understand my husband better
I pray for my love to grow for him more every day
I pray not to misinterpret him
I pray to appreciate him more
I pray for patience and to appreciate and love him more
Open my heart more and take away the fear
Remind me of his goodness
Heal my mind
Please help his family to forgive me.
Thank you for all You do for us everyday. Help me become the woman I need to be. I want this marriage to grow; remind me to “be not afraid”. I love You God and Jesus.

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