Prayer for my healing deliverance and breakthrough for my life

I am 35-36 year old Ethiopian man, Beginning from my childhood age to this moment I have been suffering with different kinds of sickness and disease. I haven’t seen a healthy, joy, peaceful life and blessing in my life.

I have pain in every part of my body, I have been suffering with nasal sinus infection starting from the age of 12. Due to this nasal infection I have prayed with known pastors,prayer groups and more over, I have visited many places but I have seen no change in my health.the worest thing is that I can’t able to sit beside people,I am rejected,unmarried, lonely and outcasted person due to a very bad smell comes out of my nose.this is because of an accumulation of a very thick fluidy like sustance continuously liquidate through my nose 24 hrs a day and 360days in a year for the last more than 25 good years
I have got no solution, I am very tired and become hopeless person.

As the result of this till now I am unmarried and I have no family.words can’t able to explain the suffering in which I am existing.please man of God prophet Uebert Angel, I have seen in your tv channel many miracles and you are delivering many peoples in the world.However, Ido not have financial power to come and visityour ministry.. please I know that God will hear your pray,please deliver me man of God, I am thirsting a one day relief,joy and peace I am suffering a lot.

I do not have any body to share my pain and this shamefull and degrading life.And also I need breakthroughin all areas of my life. I am looking forward every time for your response. God bless you.

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  1. Prayer for you

    I pray that God heal your illnesses and that your outlook on life will not be one of sadness but of hope.

  2. I hope this helps you...

    I was on the internet and saw your prayer and my heart went out to you. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I too suffered severe headaches for many years, often hospitalised with the pain. I had to have five sinus surgeries over 20 years and had much prayer for the condition. It seemed that the Lord always stepped in but only when I had gone through every medical avenue first. I had to pay thousands for surgeries and we were not rich. Finally when all had been done for me and growths removed and bone removed I still smelt and had discharge. Finally a surgeon discovered the last cause. It was my teeth!!! A root of a tooth was abcessed and pushing pus into my sinus’s everyday!!! It was so simple, I had the tooth removed and I am healed! Please check it is not your teeth. I am now recovering from heart and kidney surgery and waiting on the Lord to heal me totally and I believe He will. I pray you find your answer and God heals and directs you.

  3. You are LOVED and not alone

    You are God’s child and LOVED very much. Look to the world with HOPE and you will receive HOPE. Look to the world with LOVE and you will receive LOVE. Look AT the world and HELP those who need healing…and YOU will be HEALED. I am praying for you, MY FRIEND, that you will find the courage to discover HOPE, LOVE, & HEALING because it is waiting to be found. God is blessing you –

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