Prayer for my healing and to avoid another back surgery

by A.M. (Illinois)

Please Saint Jude, I ask you to touch and heal my back so that it will not hurt so bad anymore; i beg you to touch and heal my spine that has become curved and very painful; help me to get rid of my need to take so many strong and addictive pain pills; heal my other health problems so that I can have a normal life. I ask you also to Convert to Catholicism a close person, to bring back to Church 3 young pple who have left; I beg you to protect always myself and my family members, especially during traveling in these dangerous times; I put under your care my grandchildren, my sons and all my loved ones. Please bring comfort and healing also to a close friend who is suffering great pains; bring comfort to those in hospitals, those alone, the sick and the suffering; save all those poor Christians from persecutions in muslim countries, stop wars, tortures and death in some part of this world. I ask you to intercede for me and ask Jesus,your relative and friend, to answer my prayers. Thank you S. Jude, amen

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