Prayer for My Green Card

by Beth (Virginia)

Dear Lord,

First all all may this Christmas May Jesus give us more blessing, peace and good health. And wishing this 2013 will give us more financial recovery to all our debt and reduce the debt, giving more help to the person we love, Dear Jesus, and St. Jude a friends of Jesus who is helper and keeper to all of us I here for you to please help me and make miracle for me I need my green card and Good job lord able for me to get my financial recovery I have so much debt to pay, And I really desperate looking for best job for me for what is my heart desire according to your will lord. I know you have the control of this so I am here for you to control every person I will encounter with to get a good job. and my heart desire lord also i thanks to your powerful now slowly my husband Dodie is going back and listen to you words hope this continue for him and touch his heart and accept all mistake he have done lord I know your still working with us mostly our relationship now that has been little bit doubt but for your guide i know one of this days we will be have great family just like we have been dreaming since. And be with our kids just like the other family to live happily ever..Lord I need your help please help me to get a good job and receive my green soon this jan. 2013 Lord I love you and please continue to work with us and help us until we achieve our aim and dream as one happy family… Amen..Happy new year to all member of this site and founder of online prayers Amen.