Prayer for my grandmother’s healthier life

by Gabrielle (Cainta, Rizal. Philippines)

Dear Lord,

i have been very blessed to have a grandmother like her. thank you for bringin me into her life. a woman who stood twice as much as a mother. for letting her guide me in going to the right ways, for letting her be the way for me to be claser to You, thank you.

now that my grandma is getting old, i humbly ask you to please to bless her more and give much more care and attention to her. may she be forgiven for all the wrongdoings she has done before. may you help her to live a happy life, for the remaining years she has. let her be more grateful.

as a granddaughter, let me appreciate more my grandma. please let me spend more time with her. let me change all the wrong things i’ve done wherein she’s involved. let me be a better granddaughter.. i am very much thankful for having been blessed with a grandmother like her.

please do let her live a healthier life. in jesus name, amen.

i love you, lola.