Prayer for my Grandmother’s health

by Aj Santos (Philippines)

Please pray with me.

All of your prayers will be appreciated.

Last last month, youre just with me. Now, I cant be with you for I wasnt able to visit you in the Hospital.

My family and I found out that my Grandmother, 73. A very strong woman has a cancer. It was a tumor grew in her brain. She wasntable to move her right hand for the tumor grew in her left side of the brain. Doctors said that the maximum year of her life is 2 years.

Oh God, thank you for giving us enough courage to face this challenge.
Thank you for giving us enough blessings that can help us face this challenge.

Oh God, I pray for Your healing. I know You can heal my Grandmother. Everything is possible, with You. I know you can make her life longer for us to stay with her much longer, full of happiness. So that we can make her happy in return. Thank You.

*doctors ate still trying to save her. Shes having her radiation for 2 weeks.

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