Prayer for My Grandmother’s Health to Be Better

by Michelle (He Met, Ca)

Today, we got the news that the tumor which had been growing in my grandmothers brain was cancerous. 2 years ago this day my grandmother had her hysterectomy in order to take out all her female reproductive parts, as she had stage 4 ovarian cancer.

My grandma has all the faith in the world, and I know by her faith, courage, and hope that our Lord did a miracle and removed all cancer. Now the cancer is back, she had brain surgery 2. Days ago and had a tumor the size of a golf ball removed. Even with these challenges put in front of her my grandmother is still fighting to live.

Today I just ask you guys to please pray for healing and rebirth, I know our Lord can make it happen again. I have faith, & all my family has faith that this is just another testimony to show to those non-believers. I pray for the healing of my grandmother in this desperate time in need of the LORDS grace!!! In Jesus name I pray AMEN!!

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