Prayer for my grandmother

by RAM (Houston Texas)

Lord i know you love them i do to please keep all 10 of them safe give them wisdom love knowledge good value one of them is in trouble a they have started dating and is attractive to things that are not equaly yoke to her send her the husband you have for her and a father for her young son dont let her abuse herself there are strong hold around her and she wont listen. help her help her self and be a role model for someone.

They are growing up fast help their parents so they can be more involve teach them to trust their family let them know when danger is upon them teach them to work ,help other help them get a education dont squared their youth it goes so fast,give them a decent job teach them love people treat them with kindness pick all their husband and wife’s teach them to know you and trust your word teach them to read the bible more let im let them love you more than any thing else know when you are speaking to them teach us to listen and hear your voice all the time.

Thank you for keeping them safe everyday and night in your mighty name amen .

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