Prayer for my GrandMa

by Eddie (Manila, Philippines)

We are now faced probably with the greatest trial that any person would never want to. Im living far away from my family but once in a while, i come home to check if everything is okay. Last week, i went home to attend a baptismal but before i go to the church, my granny and I had a talk. She was crying and cant help but grieve in front of me.

I dont wanna see her like that. She doesnt deserve all the pain. All she ever wanted is to make us happy and live in prosperity but the opposite happened. When my dad had a disease, she was forced to get a loan from a local bank and have our house as a compensation.

Also, my dad borrowed money from Aunt Nelia so he has something to use for the business. The business is now doing good and i know theyre already earning a lot enough to cover the expenses for my Aunt Mylene’s hospitalization . But it seems that my dad is apathetic of whats happening around.

My parents were blinded by gold and money to the point that they wouldnt even ask if GranMa still has something to eat and if Aunt Mylene has something to spend for her meds. Grandma was crying night after night. She never had a restful sleep and peace of mind. There’s nothind I can do. My parents are apathetic on the situation . My Grandma’s old enough to shoulder all the pain and heartaches.

Aunt Mylene is suffering from Cancer. I dont know what to do . I know God is not sleeping and whatever the reason for this trial is, I know He will not let us down. I know God is beside me and my Grandma. I love Grandma and if i can only remove the pain in her, I would do. Please pray for us.

This page is not enough to tell the whole story about whats happening on us but i know God knows everything. God, hear me please. I know i have a special place in your heart as well as my Grandma. God, hear us.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    I pray for you

    Dear God, Please bless this suffering grandchild. Provide food for her grandmother, peace and absence of pain for her aunt, and awareness and compassion for her parents. Give this caring granddaughter peace of mind and comfort and many, many signs that you are there for all of them, they are not alone in their grief and despair. Help them in all ways, dear God. You set people in families. Heal all the suffering families this night. Let them understand the pain they cause one another, and give them the grace to give each other love and support. Amen

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