Prayer for my girlfriend and I to live in your sacred heart

Dear Lord

Please show the woman who I have really loved the light and that with your grace we can we be together forever if she would just pray with me and go to church and submit to you and believe in making it work with you at our side. She is never available for anything and has developed a very bad attitude and gets angry for no reason.

I have prayed so much and cried so much, Please help me Dear Lord. I asked you to show her the light and also to keep her away from so many evil forces that don’t pray and live a clean life and destroyed our relationship,

I really love her and have tried so hard, I really wanted it to work since I first met her, I love her so much, but she doesn’t know what love is.

Please miraculously make our relationship blessed and to start over again with friendship and no fighting and respect for each other and both of us doing our part and she making time to be with me, working hard at it always praying together and going to church each week and helping others by volunteering. I love you Lord Jesus Christ.

With your grace anything can happen. Please bless me and forgive me of my sins and help me to be a better person to all.
Please hear my prayers. I want to start the New year without sadness.