Prayer for My Future to be Successful and Prosperous

by Spencer (Canada)

Dear god I thank you for listening to me, I pray to you in hopes that my future will be a good future and not a future stuck in limbo. I see students who are in heavy student debt, with a good degree and have no steady job that pays good money. I pray I do not fall into that same category, I pray that my future will at least be less rocky, I pray I can have a smooth ride as I undergo my studies in college and hopefully university, later on down the road..

Lord I also pray you can lead me back to my place of birth as I feel that is where I truly belong. I have one year of college in my current city in which I reside, which I will strongly hope will help me for my hopefully bright future. Lord I understand how hard it can be to move, however that is what I want the most. After my year is done, I want to be back in Toronto to keep undergoing my studies. There is way more for me over there Lord, there is more opportunities and more activities to do on my leisure time.

I pray you can give me signs, guide me down the path, and bring me back to my birth place of Toronto. I feel I will have a much better career there than where I currently reside. Lord I pray and really hope this can come true. I am extremely hopeful you can help me God.


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