Prayer for my friend to come back to me

by Maryann (Long Island, New York, USA)

A few weeks ago, my friend drifted away from me, and I don’t know what I can do. I reached out to him with a friendly message saying that I miss him and hope he returns soon and that I’m not sure what is happening with our relationship. I feel like I am in the dark and at his mercy.

It’s possible that I caused him to leave me because I am very insecure and always think he is avoiding me, but I adore him and the only thing I am truly guilty of is adoring him too much. I would never hurt or aggrivate him on purpose, but I am constantly worried he will abandon me, which I know is a hinderance.

I lost him once, but we got back together. Now I feel I may lose him again. He is mean to me at times, but always forgive him.

I pray that God will see that I can do good in this man’s life, and bring us back together. He teaches me things, and I keep him grounded. I know our relationship is worth saving. I love him more than anything or anyone right now, and can’t imagine losing him for good. Please help me pray to The Lord for another chance with him.

Thank you, and may God bless you all to pray for me and my friend to rekindle our friendship.