Prayer for My Freedom and Independence

by Tashawna (Atlanta, Ga USA)

God I come to you tonight to ask for your forgiveness for any mistakes that I have made in the past that has me stuck in one place. Every time I seem to go forward I go back, and all of it is my own fault.

Lord I need you to help me get over whatever it is that is holding me back from my full potential and bless me financially so that I can regain my independence and finally be happy. I pray for good friends and a chance to start a family of my own for good health and success in what so ever endeavors I choose.

I pray to make a difference, I pray for change, and most of all I pray for love. To love and to feel loved without any inhibitions. I feel that with a financial blessing I will be on the right track to finding my joy and pray with every breath in my body for one more chance to be successful. Lord please hear my prayer.

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