Prayer for My Forgiving Wife

by Jonte (Vancouver,Wa)

Father God I thank you for your mercy and Grace. I want to be in your good and perfect Will. I have a special request for a miracle to restore my relationship with my wife. I love you so much now, but in the past i have had some short comings, well a lot of short comings. I pray that you would create in her a clean heart and renew her spirit to love me again like she did when we first met. we were very young as you know and started with our family before we even knew what to do. Please restore her love for me and show her that i do love her and have changed from who i used to be. I believe that all things are possible. She does not believe it can be restored at all. But i want to activate my watermelon faith because i believe that all things are possible. I don’t want to block the prayer, but i want to be in your good and perfect will. If we are meant to separate and divorce then so be it. I know that you will do what you think is necessary. please touch her heart like never before!!! in the name of Jesus I pray


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