Prayer for My Financial Distress

by Brandon (USA)

Please God,

I am in financial distress. Lost family members over the past few years and my girlfriend and am all by myself. I am trying to desperately meet my financial obligations and am being pressured by a sibling to put money into a trust, do types of other things that I have no legal obligation to do that would only benefit them.

This person continuously by both e-mail and phone continues to harrass me and threaten me. All because they need money. I want the pain from the last few years to vanish and to have my financial burdens become a thing of the past. I would like to be able to part company with my sibling as we have nothing in common and they only care about themselves. Please help me overcome my financial burdens so that I may move on with my life. And put the bad parts behind me.

Thank you for listening and Amen