Prayer for my finance

by Yvonne (Australia)

Dear Lord, i pray for my finance Michael, guide him in everything he attempts and I pray he is successful in finding a new job. Give him the guidance, patience and the right words to say when he is stuck. I pray he is given a chance to do what he likes as work, rather than feeling down. I pray he is given these chances to better his future than being judged for his past. I pray that he is always healthy, safe and in your mercy and grace. Only you Lord can perform miracles. Only you Lord are the light when all we see is darkness. Only you Lord. Michael needs you Lord in his training and exam tomorrow and he needs your help in seeking a better job for a better future he wants to build. I pray Lord you hear his prayers and calls to you. Have mercy Lord! Lord you call the sinners to you for redemption and salvation. Lord I pray Michael feels your grace again as he calls out to you.

Lord have mercy!

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