Prayer for my fiance to come back

by Judy Valarie (Maine)

My fiance and I have known each other for seven years,we been close friends until last year when he asked me to marry him,His a very wonderful man and very supportive,we live in different states,planned to be together when we get married,we have set our wedding plans for June 2014.

Sometime last year in October he told me that there was a girl pregnant for him and he was not very sure if it was his pregnancy because the girl was seeing with other guys at the same time he slept with her,so he had asked for DNA to be done after the baby is when the baby was born DNA was done and confirmed that he was the father of the baby girl.

Him and I had a very serious discussion about the issue and we both agreed that after our wedding we will take the baby to live with us,and we were all on the same page until the DNA was done,my fiance then told me that he was thinking of bringing the baby and the mother in his apartment right away because there were some issues which were not conducive for the baby were they lived,We again talked at length concerning the issue,I advised him to find them a room and rent for them and support them for the time being since it is just a few months before our wedding.

I thought that we had sorted out this issue until one evening I was talking to him on the phone then the baby cried and he hanged up on me and text me immediately that his battery had died he was going to call later,sometime later he called me back and avoided to talk about it and he raised a conversation about our wedding plans,from here things changed,he stopped answering my calls,and only returns later,even if he phones me back he would be very brief and general then he would hang up,we both like travelling so we had planned a weekend out in another state for his birthday, when he told me we needed to reschedule coz he was going to be very busy at work.

I suggested that I traveled to be with him instead then he made another excuse…..from here he stopped communicating and just send me text messages saying “my love I will call you,I’am just going through a hard time”
I really don’t understand and I don’t know how to deal with this issue,I feel like there’s more to what his what his told me,and the problem is he won’t answer my calls coz he doesn’t want to explain anything more or make me understand why hes done that or give me a closure about us.

This is so painful and devastating,I love him,I’am hurting ,I’am so confused help please pray for me,I’am having a hard time to understand all this.