Prayer for my fiance to be healed from cancer

by Tiffany (Brooklyn NY)

I want to day a prayer for my fiance Jerard lay yr he was diagnose with cancer it went into remission, but not he was diagnose with a tumor in his heart. Almost everyday he’s vomiting blood. I want to pay God put his healing hand upon him and permanently rebuke and bind these diseases. And put it in permanent remission.

I pray God bless us with everlasting faith in him. God please give Jerard strength and make his body whole and new. Restore his health from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. Pls let him get a heart donar and the heat transplant is successful. Please bless his doctors and nurses with wisdom knowledge and understating. May them give him the proper treatment. Bind this suffering, pain, and tribulation from Jerard. Bless him with everlasting healthy,happy, righteous, and God appointed life. God please let Jerard live a long healthy life and let’s us grow old together.

Bless our relationship and bind all the root causes of stress in it. Bless us with health breakthrough, financial breakthroughs, and housing breakthroughs. Bind the spirit of death, and sickness off of us. In Jesus name I pray Amen

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