Prayer for my Fiance and Daughter

by NTZ O (Milwaukee Wi)

Dear God almighty,

I come to you today because I do not know what else to do. My fiance does not want my daughter in our home and I understand. we gave her t he opportunity once and she did us wrong. But at this tijme she finds herself strongly with a 19mth old. Her dad is moving out of his place and is not taking her with. So after 30 days she will be homeless. as her mom I suffer to see my child struggle. I cry just about evry day for my child and fiance to get along. To allow us to work together with her to get her in the right p[ath. And for to accept change. Dear Lord, Please allow these two members in my family to change to love and to give each other at least one more oppryunity to prove themself. Oh Father up above that sees everything please I pray to you to help us be a healthy family again.