Prayer for My Father’s Health and Recovery

O God thankyou very much today we both brother and sister had got good food to eat made by my mummy also thankyou last week my mummy was sick now she is well.Today she came to our place after 1 month.

Please make my papa heal from his right ankle injury fast so that we all stay happy together.My papa is having cough and cold from last two days please make him well .Jesus papa please forgive me and my family few years back we had your holy book in our house but we never knew importance of that book and unknowingly we tore that book.

Please God I ask for forgiveness for my entire family.Please forgive your childrens.

Also papa please cure my papas illness i want him to work as he did few years back give you hand so that he can walk by your support.O God please knock my house so that my papa get up and opens the door for you to enter in my house.Give him a chance to live life of his dreams.

God take care of my papa,mummy,brother and me from all evils.May we all follow you.


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