Prayer for my father

by Jay Ann (Philippines)

God, i humbly ask for your guide and blessings. These past few days, im always talking with you by my heart, i know you are hearing prayers from millions of people each day. But help me, i need you to help my father to clean his name, until now i didn’t believe in anything. Im still praying that he’s not an evil, and i know that, im with him ever since, before i got kids. Someone talked to me that my father doing some magic, black magic, they told me that my father cursed them to die less than five years, and those someone was my love ones too, they are my good mother in law and my husband. And its impossible on my part, because i know how my father loved my husband, how he cares, and they also told me that my son and daughter was not safe from him, also me. Everyone was not safe. I need to know whats the truth. I want to know, the person who talked to my inlaw and husband that my father was just like that kind of person, i want to know, if hes telling the truth and he’s a true psychic. God i need a sign, dont let my father suffer these things, accusation from others without any prove. Im begging you God. I Love my Father, I Love my kids, I Love my Husband, I Love my Family.

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