Prayer for my father

by Ty (San Antonio)

Dear Lord,

I ask that you may guide me to do right by my father. He has moved in with my family and I; and it is difficult. It is difficult to provide for an extra mouth to feed, but so far Lord you have provided. But what is most difficult is watching my father slowly lose himself as he battles dementia. It crushes my heart to see him struggle to do small task. I just need strength and guidance. I need You to feel our home with your love and mercy. It is difficult for my spouse and I because we no longer have privacy. I ask that you may give her understanding as well. I love my wife, but I love my father and cannot put him in a nursing home.
Please Lord, may You move in a mighty way a bless my home and those inside. May you provide a way to financially support my addition. Lord…please…help…me…give…me…assurance!