Prayer for My Father to Be Healed and to Get Back with My Ex Girlfriend

by Anon (Mus)

My dad has Rheumatoid Arthritis . He is currently in the hospital healing from a broken neck. Please pray for him. Please pray for his current drama and that he is healed and walking again. Please pray of the success of my family and also pray for my own success in my career and in this life on earth.

Also in this prayer request I would like to pray for my ex girlfriend whom just parted from me. I would like to pray for success for her and for her to reconcile with me so we can try again. It pains me that we cannot talk to one another but I am really holding on to go that she may return to me. I just pray/hope that God open her eyes to realize that I wasn’t that bad of a person. Although I was insecure about things please God bring her to her senses.

I love you Lord and I thank you for what you have put in my life.