Prayer for my Father for healing of Liver Cirrohsis

My Father is having Liver Cirrohsis and is in his 2nd stage.His stomach is blotting up due to fluid collection.Now its getting collected in his testicles and swelling.I believe prayers can heal my Father.I humbly request the prayers of all my brothers and sisters and am sure if we all pray with one mind he will be cured.Let the doctors say anything I don’t mind bcos our great Physician is Lord Jesus.Due to my prayers,he is slightly in control.Very recently I felt like praying for all the sick people for healing mainly for patients suffering from cancer.I was looking in for prayers to say for them & like that I happened to visit this website.I was so much inspired by this site which increased my thirst for praying and today a thought came for posting my Father’s illness.

I am going thru lots of financial crisis and its only my Lord Jesus Christ who has been upholding us till this moment of time & its just only due to prayers and its a team who are all going thru same issues and because we know each others pain,we can pray & our Lord definetely hears our prayer.So I trust in thishealing prayer also.Though my family doesn’t completely believe Jesus can heal,I have told them only one thing,I don’t know about your belief,I know only one thing,Jesus is my doctor and my Heavenly Father is well fit enough to treat my earthly father and my earthly father will come in faith and will say the testimoney.For them I may utter fooling,but I trust my Jesus.I. would like to be a part of your team and will earnestly pray for all the dear ones.I have already registered in this and receives prayer information.this site will be blessed and our Lord will do many miracle healing to all the dear ones suffering.Our Jesus is Alive & do pray for my father also.His name is Joseph age 63.God bless

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  1. You are not alone

    You know God works miracles in our lives. My father in law also has the same illness. Many people have lost hope because his condition is getting worse I remain hopeful that God can turn any hopeless situation around. I know God will move in a mighty way today and he will heal and break this curse. God has his own timing and it’s our patience that counts the most. We must just believe that God can move mountains on our behalf. I for on believe that my father in law will be touched by the hand of God and he will respond to the treatment that he was given. God places all those doctors and nurses in his life and I know they will help me get through this. His Breakthrough Is near. With that being said I want to reassure that the Almighty God will touch your father and heal him. Just BELIEVE that he will. I have faith for both these fathers. God Bless him.

  2. I agree in the prayer for healing

    I agree in prayer that your father will recover from the illness. For by His stripes we are already healed.
    What ever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven, what ever we release on earth will be released in heaven. I bind the powers and principalities behind this sickness. In the name of Jesus. And that the causes of sickness will be bound and thrown into the bottomless pit. And I release good health. Strong body, sound mind and spirit. In Jesus name. Amen

  3. Trust In The Lord

    Wow it’s so crazy that I’m going through the exact same thing my father is 63 but he is in the end stages I’ve prayed and prayed and I also have my praying warriors praying and since then the last time I’ve busted my dad he is talking better and more he is eating he’s even fussing like he use and seeing him like that warms my heart and give me so much joy and confirmation that GOD truly hears us in going through the exact same thing and I want to encourage you to keep your head up and no matter what anyone says GOD is the ultimate healer and he will heal both our dad’s and they will live there lives as they once did keep yourself away from negativity of their not on board with you and GOD don’t listen to them don’t even entertain them cause we believe GOD AND JESUS CHRIST have been in the miracle making business a long time now and these time are no different than then don’t worry hun out dad’s with GODS help are going to be great I’m leaving you with this scripture TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT INTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING IN ALL YOUR WAYS AKNOWLEGDE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT YOUR PATH that all you have to do keep praying and keep believing and watch what GOD does

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