Prayer for my family…we truly need a miracle

by Lena (NY)

Dear St Jude,

I am praying/begging/pleading to you and our father, in endless tears, to help my family out of this mess that has become our life since August. This world can truly be a cruel place but I keep holding on to faith and hope for something good; please look over us in this nightmare that is our reality of life.

What we are going through is almost too much to bear, please take all of this sadness, pain, hurt, fears and unknowing away. Please bring happiness and normalcy back into our lives.

Please, do not allow lies to take my daughters from me. I have done nothing wrong; I have only tried to protect them and love them as a mother should. Please do not allow the lies of their father, who has never even been there for them, take them away from me. I can not live without them! It is said the truth shall set you free, please now more than ever let that be true. My daughters deserve all the happiness in the world. Please watch over them most of all!!

Please, look over my fiance. I know he has wronged but I believe in the forgiveness of sins. Please get him the help that he needs, so that one day you can please bring him back to me. I truly believe love never fails and that when the time is right we can be one again. There has never been a love so strong as the love we share. I hope for us to be married and blessed before the lord.

I promise to pray and be devoted to you as my patron saint. I need your help more than ever, please have our father grace my family with his protection and love. It is said that with God all things are possible and I truly believe and have so much faith in that. We need you more than ever, please watch over us and bless us with a miracle unlike any other. Please make my family whole again. I am holding so tightly to faith, hope and love to conquer this evil that surrounds us. I am praying/listening/waiting for your guidance, it has already led me to you.


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