Prayer for my Family’s Well Being

by Kris (Missouri)

Lord, Please help me! My family is falling apart more and more each day… My mother and father don’t know what it is like to be in love anymore. My mother has so much fear in her heart and so much anger built up inside. My father has a serious substance addiction that we have all been dealing with now for what I thought was almost 10 years, come to find out now that it has been an on and off lifetime addiction. I thought it all started when his mother passed away almost 10 years ago next month, but come to find out he has mingled in it his whole life on and off. All I want in this world is too have my family back and to let my parents feel the love for each other again that they have felt for so many years. My father needs help, he needs guidance in his life… and none of us no longer know what to do for him anymore. My two siblings are worse off than me, they still live at home and see him have the ups and downs of addiction daily. They see the mental and verbal abuse day in and day out. My mother is such a strong women, she is my hero… I never knew I could admire and love someone this much. I feel for her day in and day out, and I worry for her mental wellness each and every day. I know how strong she truly is and I know she could be just fine on her own, but I just know how much happier she could be in life with the love of my father present. I wish my father could see himself from our perspective and see how much he hurts us all day in and day out with his actions and lies. My father is a WONDERFUL man, A EVEN BETTER HUSBAND, AND A VERY LOVING PERSON…the best guy you could EVER know when he wants to be. I know the reason we havent given up on him yet is because WE KNOW HE CAN PULL THROUGH THIS… he has so much strength its sickning. He has pulled through this and gotten clean many times before for long periods of time but always relapses at one point or another. I WANT MY FAMILY BACK LORD, with that I would have everything I need in life! Please help us, tell me what to do. Tell any one of us how to help him and we would be the first one there to do it. I love my Father and my family so much… I will never give up on them! I will always be here trying to help my father for as long as I shall live. I also ask of you lord to keep my family always always healthy, safe, and strong… no matter where they may be, what they may be doing, or where they may be going. I love you Lord and I thank you for every miracle and blessing in my life that you have provided. I know that none of us are worthy of any of this, but I promise you we shall be forever grateful!!!

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