Prayer for My Family’s Safe Return Back Home

Lord, I pray that you soften my wifes heart and show her that our family is meant to be together. I always thought I was a good husband, but I must have done something wrong to make her give up on our life together. My wife and my children mean everything to me.

Please God hear my prayer and fill my wifes heart with the love she once had for me. I made a lifelong commitment to you as well as to my wife and family and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to return them to our home. I pray that you remove any evil that is keeping my wife and I apart. I pray that you show her you brought us together for a reason and that this is not what you intended.

I pray you give my the Strength, Wisdom, Patience, and Faith to bring my family home. I turn my marriage over to you to restore as I feel like my hands are tied. Lord I pray that you help others like me who are seeking your help to restore their marriage. Amen