prayer for my family’s needs

by Yolanda (Texas)

I ask for prayer for my family. I ask for prayer that my fathers health, physically and mentally are restored. I ask that I my dad is taken care of physically, emotionally and financially. I pray for peace over him and those that surround him. I pray that my family is restored. I have not spoken to my sister in months.

My sister’s husband has made advances toward me. I believe that he has convinced my sister and family that it was I since I am a single mother. This has been painful. I have only one sibling. Our mother died many years ago.

I pray for a wonderful man who matchs what has been formed in my head. But most important, whom God wants me and my son to have in our lives. I want to travel with the world with my son. And do mission work like I did before he was born. I ask that doors are open to provide that for us. Seek and we shall find. Knock and the door is open. Ask and I shall receive.

I ask for guidance in all I do. As well as my son.