Prayer for my family’s health

by Jessica (California)

My parents and grandfather are having some scary, life threatening health problems. my mother has a stomach condition that caused her to throw up a large amount of blood, causing her to need 2 blood transfusions. she also has a blood clot in her liver.

My dad had to go to the doctors yesterday to have a biopsy on what may be oral cancer. and my grandfather is in the hospital due to cancer that spread through his entire body. please help me pray for my parents recovery, and pray that God keeps his hands over them and looks out for them and helps them to be healthy again. please help me pray that God helps get these illnesses out of my parents bodies. and for my grandfather, he believes that he only has a few days left, so please help me pray that God forgives him for his sins and has mercy on him. please help me pray that when it is his time to go that it is peaceful and painless.

I know there is a slim chance, but with God all things are possible, so please help me pray that the doctors find something they can do to help my grandfather live and give him some more time with us. my family and I appreciate and thank you for your prayers.