Prayer for my family’s health

Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you for all the blessing you’ve given us.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I ask for my family’s good health. Please take away my father’s cancer cells. I beg you. Please take away all the pain he’s feeling right now. Please make him eat right, breathe and sleep well.

Please bless him and answer his prayers.
Please give him strength and more faith so he can face all the challenges he’s experiencing right now.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless my mother so that she may be healthy and strong. We need her by our side. Please take all the pain, the worries she’s feeling right now.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless my brothers as well. Please give them good health, courage, and strength. We need to be one in facing all the challenges our family is facing right now. Please bring them closer to you.
Sacred heart of Jesus, I also pray for good health for my Mahal. Please answer his prayers too.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless me. Please make me healthy so I can stand by my family. Please grant me extra strength so I can share it to my family. Please bring me closer to you.

Thank you, for hearing me. I know you always do. Amen.

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