Prayer for My Family’s Health and Protection

by Tine (Maryland)

Heavenly Host, my Father, Protector, Provider and Strength, please heal my father’s body so that he may continue to do your work. Please heal my little sister’s womb so that she may have the child she has prayed for in your name.Blessed be.

Please heal me, strengthen me and continue to guide me. i am by no means perfect but you know my heart. Lord forgive me and I pray for financial blessings to rain upon this family and especially within my life.

I reach out to you humbly and you seen my work and determination and I would like this job opportunity presented within my office. I pray for guidance and acceptance in those that receive my application and may if speak volumes of acceptance and possibility to those that review and select.

I pray in your name Heavenly Father for this prayer for my dad, my sister and myself. In your name I say amen.