Prayer for My Family’s Financial Blessing

by Rac'quel (California)

I ask that you all come together with me in prayer for a financial blessing for me and my family. The economy has done damage to many of households and unfortunately for the average worker it has become a greater struggle just to make ends meet. I ask that you pray that The Lord blesses my finances.

I ask that you ask The Lord to bless me with an income that will allow me to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. To allow me to not worry about how I will get to work from week to week.

My faith has always been strong and I believe that God will prevail. I have been struggling now for the past 3 years and at times wonder if God hears my cries because nothing seems to be changing. I can say that I am grateful that I do have a roof over my head, I eat everyday and I manage to get to work somehow, some way, so I know He makes a way.

However wondering how is stressful. I go to work everyday and it is never enough to just make ends meet. Thank God for my wonderful family and friends!!

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