Prayer for My Family

by Elvira (Australia)

Dear God, Mary, Jesus and all the Saints, please help my parents sell their house.

They have lived there for so long but over the past 5 years have only been tormented by the neighbors around them. You created us all equal so their racial remarks to my family are unjust. They are violent, cruel and use horrible language. My parents have sacrificed so much for their kids, have never been on even one proper holiday and never spoil themselves. They deserve to live in peace as my father is almost 70 now. As a daughter im dying inside not being able to help them out of this situation, especially after all they have done for me and my siblings throughout our lives.

Im so scared for them. Please God grand my family this request, that they may sell their house and move away from that place so that they can live the rest of their lives in peace, not fear. They have worked so hard, they deserve a break.


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