Prayer for my family

by Michele (Vallejo, CA)

Dear Lord,

Please fill me with your love and strength to keep my family and I together
For the strength for us to get through this difficult time
To know that love will always prevail as long as We open ourselves to love and be loved
To forgive and be forgiven

Please fill the emptiness I feel from the sadness and heartbreak
Help me let go of all the hurt, insecurity, anger and anxiety
Lift me up to become a better person in all that I do
To praise you
To seek your guidance
To spread your word
To be a better Catholic
To be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend strong in faith

Please help us heal our marriage
For my husband and I to get through this stronger as ever in your grace
To guide us to the path of your unconditional love
So that we may continue to grow and understand one another
Please open our hearts to release to you our pain and all troubles
And be filled with the compassion and love to get through this

Please keep our children safe
Please ease their pain, anxieties and fears
So that they may be happy and healthy
And know that we are always there
That You are always with them
Loving them and leading them with Your light

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