prayer for my family

by Raymond (Davao City,Philippines)

Dear God,i call you now,please hear my prayer.Lord God,thank you for the blessings we had received everyday of our lives.Thank for my family whose always there for me.Lord,we are sorry for every sin we have commited,those we had known and those we had forgotten.Lord,we are very sorry,please keep my family safe in your hands,with your love,cherish,wisdom,strength,and power.If something will happen to us,we pray it is according to your will,Lord.Forgive us all in this earth,because we have sinned badly.Give us strength to conquer sin and evil.Guide us with your love and may we realise your true purpose of having created us here on earth.We pray this through our Lord Jesus Christ,your son,who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,one God,forever and ever.Amen

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