Prayer for my family

St.Jude, please hear our prayers and help my family. Though being married for 36 years,being with my husband and family in all our thick and thin,I am no longer strong enough to face all the problems and embarrassing situations we ( my daughter, her family and I ) have been facing all our lives because of my husbands’s womenising and alcoholism.

Day by day he is getting worse, giving us no peace at all.He is even trying his best to sell the house we are living in and misuse the money for his bad habits and bring us to streets.I pray that the money he receives from the sale of the house be utilized in a right way by using some of it for buying another house,and for my daughter and her family(as he has never been a responsible and loving husband/father). Because, all the problems and embarrassments faced, my daughter is experiencing constant anxiety attacks,uncontrollable anger,violently attacking,cursing her 4 years old son and also her husband putting her marriage at risk.No medications and spiritual healing helped.My son-in-law supports and encourages her to get involved in many activities.He is even encouraging her to learn driving but her driving phobia and inferiority complex is blocking her from becoming a confident driver,St.Jude, help her pass in her driving assessement,road test and highway test held this week on 15th,16th and on 21st August.For having spend huge amount/time in her driving class,please let her pass.Please hear our prayers. Thanx

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