Prayer for my family

by Jennifer (Sanford, Maine)

I pray that my parents live long healthy happy lives, that they get to see their only son more than on holidays and that the time is meaningful to them, and hoping that they will not have to worry so much about their finances so much.

I pray that my aunt finds some peace and joy in her life, that people stop taking advantage of her, that her children show her the love, give her quality time with them and give her the respect she deserves. Also, that my aunt learns to forgive herself, admit to being human with normal human feelings and no that people love her and do not look down on her.

I pray that my family sells our home so that we can relocate to a safe and happy place that feels like home, so that my husband can be home more to spend with me and our children, so that my children’s grandparents can see them more with less worry, so that we feel some peace and joy where we live, so that we can safely walk and play in our community, rather than feeling trapped in our home and unable to walk around safely where we live.

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