Prayer for my family unity

by Lidya (Chatswood, NSW, Australia)

Heavenly Father, I know that I haven’t been talk to you much and I have sinned in many ways that I lost my way to you. But I know that you are forgiveness, you are the light and you are the way. I know that I always comes to you only when I have a problem. But I know you will always be there to solve my problem. Now, my family is facing another hard patch, my Lord. Please give us strength to face this problem as a family. Please don’t let anger and materials destroy the vow that binds us together in your name. Please shine a light upon my dad who lost his way as the head of the family. Please cleanse his heart off of anger and distrust. Please give my mom strength as she already sacrificed much for this family. Please give her more strength so she can pass this obstacle and more obstacles in the future. Please bless us, the children, so we can face this obstacle without taking sides but as a family. Please forgive us for any sins we committed. Please let us forgive one another so the love between us won’t die but grow stronger and stronger.

Please help us, Father. In the name your name, I pray. Amen.

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