Prayer for my family to heal

by Family In Need (Ireland.)

My family is a mess, we need your help. My two brothers have not spoke in twenty years and one of my sisters does not talk to anyone in the family except one brother.

And her children no longer go to visit their grandparents, my parents are getting older yet nobody wants to show them respect. Even some of there grandchildren are so rude to them.

My mom is bi polar and she can be very trying and does not always tell the truth and has a way of mixing things up,but that is just who she is. I need you help our family come back together before it is to late,let my brothers start to talk and my brother and sister also let all the sisters talk need to make up and the grandchildren too.

Let my parents be more gentle with all the family and grandchildren. Let everyone is the family start to show them respect and let us all at least talk again. Heal this family and put forgiveness in their hearts. Thank you. Amen.

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