Prayer for My Family that Needs Strength To Overcome Hardships

by Kevin (Charleston, SC, USA)

Dear Heavenly Father, I came to you a broken man who had lost his way. By Your hand, I have found my way back. Lord, I ask that you please help my family during our time of need. Lord, I want to walk in Your footprints. I have done wrong, but I’m learning to do right.

Please help my family stay strong during these trying times. Please guide us with Your hand so that we may be reunited and walk together with You. Lord, I ask these things in Your Holy Name.

-I ask that you please pray for my family. We are enduring some very hard times. I have done wrong by my family and now separated from them for a short time. I am now on the path to do right. I have let my family down and want to show them I can do the right thing. My wife has had the burden of taking care of my children by herself. I pray everyday for God to give her the strength to get through these hard times. She is very stressed and at her wits end. My children are very sad and miss their daddy (my two youngest are to young to understand why daddy is not coming home). I pray everyday for God to give them the strength to overcome their sadness. I love my family very much and do not want to lose them! If you could please take a few minutes to say a prayer for us, I would be grateful. Thank you.