Prayer for my family, our financial situation, and the physical pain in our lives

by Yesenia (Colorado)

St. Jude you have always been my patron saint I turn to when times like now arise, and now I am turning to you once again. Please intercede to our sweet lord Jesus that he may help us by bringing some money into our home so that my husband and I can have the stability that our four children need and for my husbands daughters too.

Please allow the bank to work everything out soon so my husband can get paid and we can pay our bills.

I know The Lord is busy and I pray to you St. Jude to bring speedy help where help is almost given up on that you will help in the healing of my husband pain so he can return to work soon, and for the pain in my back as well, so I can take better care of my children.

Please St. Jude hear and answer my prayer, and I will be eternally grateful for this favor, please. Amen.

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