Prayer for my family, me and my loved ines

Please keep my family, my loved ones and me safe and protect us. Guide us and free us from unhealthy anxiety and fear, free us from addictive substances and unhealthy/ negative thoughts and bless us with healthy bodies, minds and environments.

Help us to swiftly depart from others who are not positive and are not good for us. Help us to have the confidence to dream and the courage and motivation to make our dreams come true. Help us to get the most out of wach and every day… to be forgiving, kind, loving and supportive.

Help us to let go and let God handle things always. Please help us to live the serenity prayer everyday and to be ever mindful of our blessings, big and small. Help us to be magnets for healthy relationships and opportunities. Help us to be fun loving and to ignore those who try to upset us, alienate us or take advantage if us.

To float thru life with no baggage pf padt mistakes bc we have learned from them and moved on. That JO and CO be freed from addictions and secrets that sever loving relationships. Help all of to develop strong friendships and find meaningful employment.
Help our hearts to heal and forgive so we can live a joyful and grateful life. Thank you…