Prayer for my family and our struggles

Please pray for my family, we are currently having a financial crisis. We have debts in the bank, and debts from different people. My father is the bread winner in our family, he suddenly changed his career and his business is currently struggling. Because of this business, I feel that this path isn’t for us.

He doesn’t want to stop and go back to his last career, maybe he’s tired of listening to other people and wants to be the boss for a change. I pray that if this is what he wants, I pray that God will guide him through this business and help him make the right decisions. Please help me pray for my family. Thank you.

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  1. prayer for enture family

    We lost our sister and everyone is pointing fingers to, who should had offer to take her to a dr. All thou know one knew she was struggling with the fact she had gotten fired and was working for a well to do family. But struggle with the fact that she would rather work at a business . She had an autopsy and we had discuss that what we would like done when we passed and her daughter could not give any info on the results to the family only cause she had issues with my brothers I am one of the older siblings. We had lost our mom when we were kids. And lost a brother when he was 21yrs old he had enlisted in the army and was sent back in a coffin with a mystery on why he had passed.(June 1980) There were 5 of us (3 boys – 2 girls) she was the youngest. she had one daughter and my 2 kids grew up around there aunt and cousin. So her daughter is like a sister to my kids (1 girl – 1 boy). Life is short and I request on a prayer for peace and understanding.
    And to stop the why and blaming all the family members. That were there for her.

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