Prayer for my Family and my Job

by Namukasa (Uganda)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the blessings we have as a family. I thank you for the health of my parents and my sisters.
Lord I put into your hands the property that you have blessed us with. Please keep the evil one away from it.

We are currently experiencing problems with people trying to take the land but I trust in you Lord and I know you have authority over the thief and he will not prevail.
Father, I put into your hand my job. I was out of work for 7 months and you provided this job.

Lord I’m stressed, I have no respect as I carry out my duties, I’m constantly worried about the decisions I make carrying out my Job. I feel no support from my superiors, I feel constantly blamed and under appreciated.
Lord please help me find a job were I can be happy, a job were I can feel appreciated.

Lord my life is in your hands I know you have plans for me, plans to prosper me please lord, let their be a change in my situation. I’m not sleeping well, I’m constantly worried, I have no job or financial security. Father please help me out of this Job.

I thank you in Jesus’ name.

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