Prayer for my Family and my Financial situation

Dear Jesus

I need your help Lord. I need your guidance, your strength, your mercy…..your courage. i cant do this alone Lord, i need you. Please help me through this time. I know if you brought me to it you will take me through it but Jesus…Im weak. I know my breakthrough is near.

I am a child of the most high God and your blessing are going to pour from heaven exceedingly and abundantly..but Lord…right now..I am in the pits of despair. You know every hair on my head…every desire in my Father, I plead to you, Help your child. Help me be strong and go through this trial.

I need you Lord. Help my family know who You are. Help my husband find job that he can feel worthy of being the high priest…Oh Father…I pray …in Jesus name, you hear my prayer. Amen

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