Prayer for My Family and Miracles

by Jyoti (Nepal)

Dear Heavenly Father,His beloved son Jesus,Holy Spirit,My Queen Mother Mary & All the Angels & Saints, & all the powerful healing souls, I ask you GOD THE TRINITY in your Holy name to help me & my whole Family.I come on my knees & i on behalf of myself, My Family members & My ancestors forefathers all the departed souls from my family We repent of our sins,please forgive us if we have done any sin either knowingly or unknowingly.remove all the satanic & demonic curses from my family family forever.Bless us with your mercy.MOTHER MARY,ALL THE SAINTS & ALL THE ANGELS INCLUDING OUR GUARDING ANGELS PLEASE INTERCEDE BEFORE GOD THE TRINITY & PRAY FOR US.We are altogether 5 members in my family.My parents,myself,My sister & brother.I am the eldest child .We are surrounded by extreme level of negativities in all departments of our life.Both of my parents are severely diseased.My Father is a heart patient he already had a severe heart attack once.He has undergone a surgery but it was unsuccessful.He has clots in 2 places in his heart which blocks the blood flow.He is also a diabetic.He has become more & more tensed,irritated & frustrated.My Mother is chronic asthmatic & severely diabetic.They are just living because of medicine.My Health is also very bad,both mental & physical. I suffer from extreme painful migraine attacks since my childhood,sinusitis & concentration problem,joint pains,chest pains & allergies.When I was born I suffered from pneumonia & was about to die.God Almighty you want me to live so I survived. I am suffering from tensions & depressions, can’t concentrate on anything I do, not even in my education,meditation or any works. My eyesight is also very poor.At this young age I have increased blood pressure & blood sugar as well & severely obese suffering from obesity.Oh I don’t want 2be a heart patient also a diabetic like my parents.This scares me a lot.Please help me.I am not able to do good in my studies also.My Master’s second year Final exam has just ended.I am not able to concentrate well in my studies.I want to continue my studies even after my Master’s & achieve highest PHD degree from a renowned University by getting full scholarships.I am also not getting my soul-mate to get married.Peoples are disinterested in me because I look extremely fat,aged & ugly.They say I look very aged & ugly & donot want to marry me at all.Heal me.Please help me to gain a sound mind in a sound body.Help me to meet my life partner & have successful married life.I have no job also.Our financial condition is very weak.When I look around the doors of oppourtunities are closed for me.I donot have any job also.Till now in my I havenot earned a single penny.God Almighty please grant me safe & secure job & help me to live my life independently.My father is the only bread winner of our family.We have a small land in our hometown which we want to sell, it will settle our financial problem a bit if not fully but it is also not being sold.God the trinity, I know nothing is impossible in you.Please do a miraculous healing on all of us.Please help us with everything in our life help us with our desperate needs.I invite you along with All your powers, the Angels in my family to cover us with your Motherly Love,Care & take away all of our pains & sorrows for ever & guide us. Jesus cover myself & all of my family members with your precious blood & heal us.You have died for me & my family in the Cross.Bless us with your Holy Spirit.Please help us, God with your mercy, Love & with everything in our life.It is very urgent we are in great pain & very worried.God The Trinity let you control our life & instill on us the assurance that we can depend on you always.Let everything be fine & all right.We want to start all over again with a positive changes & healings forever.God The Trinity I praise you,I Love U Adore U &I shall follow you everyday of my life.Thank you…..