Prayer for My Family and I’s Financial Problems

If the Holy Spirit moves your heart and you are willing to pray for me and my family I thank you inadvance.

I need assistance from the heavenly bond of Jesus Blood on the cross from the spirtual bond of our family bound by Jesus. I have reached out to my family and church over the past two years and have felt like i have been left in the desert over heated, gasping for air and so very thristy :”( The Lord has comforted me through all my trails and struggles i have felt Him in my darkest hours. I dont understand all that has occured and why and i know all good things come from Him. I have clung and keep clinging to his robe and have been blessed so much by His goodness in my years since asking Him to be my savior. I have watched and witnessed many loved ones be saved by Him and in a life time that is enough, His blood for me is enough. I know He still needs to save me every minute of every hour and day for the rest of my life. Yet i am so needy! to others around me i appear to be strong and assist often but it is hard for me to ask help from others. yet over the last two years, just asking for prayer or help when i became so sick it would have been nice if someone would have done a load of laundry. if someone had come to pray with my husband the many times i was in and out of the hospital at least for him 🙁 I asked for the elders to pray with me like in the bible with oil. I was not seeking to be healed just needed support. Which no response came. Since then i have not gone to church, the hurt is deep, i understand we are human and we all fail. there is so much that has happened. its too much to bear for one person, i still try to be strong for my family, but i am beated down. I have and am seeking repentance if I have done anything to help create this mess i am in. my health is poor i lost my job do to sickness and the bills just keep coming and now we might have no place to live. I am at a point where i can no longer afford medicine. its hard to press on and to think at times. My husband is amazing and I know the Lord is our provider, i have no idea when and if the rescuce i seek for will ever come, but i cling to Jesus. I am in so much pain and so very very broken. I keep trying to see purpose in all this? Please pray for me to think clearly and to not let pain, close me off to Gods blessings. Please let the resources and people that are in control of them, be one of Gods own and help us in some way. For provisions. It is so very hard when sick to just get through and yet so stressful to face all other disaster. Please pray for favor and protection. Please pray for protection for my husband and family and me.
Ps 117:2
Great is your love toward me, O Lord. Your faithfulness endures forever. Praise You, Lord!

In Jesus perfect will, in His power and Holy name I lift up my hope and prayers to you Lord, your Beloved

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